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Dental Crowns in Allison Park, PA

Cap a weak or damaged tooth with dental crowns in Allison Park, PA. Select CEREC crowns, which are made while you wait, Or, opt for traditional porcelain crowns from the cosmetic dentist at Michael V. Jaconski DMD. These conventional crowns typically require two visits to our office.

Consult with our dentist about which selection is best for you. Ask us for a free cosmetic dentistry evaluation. Many of our patients prefer the convenience of same-day dental crowns. At our dental practice, we make use of the latest technology to enhance your oral health and make treatment more convenient for our patients.

Dental Crowns Allison Park PA

CEREC Crowns Made in Just One Visit to the Dentist

With the use of CAD/CAM technology in our office, our dental practice bypasses the time-consuming step of sending an impression of your teeth to a lab. Instead of a mold, we begin by taking a picture of your damaged tooth and send it to the CAD/CAM machine in our office. The machine makes a 3-D model of your tooth and our dentist uses this machine to fabricate your crown from a block of ceramic. It takes just minutes to make and less than two hours for the entire procedure.

Strengthen Damaged Teeth with Porcelain Crowns

Teeth that are weak, misshapen, discolored, or worn down require a crown for increased strength and improved appearance. Our dentist can fit you with a porcelain crown or make you a same-day crown.

For a porcelain crown, we file down the tooth so the crown can fit over it and make an impression so a dental lab can craft your new crown. This usually takes two weeks. When the crown is ready, our dentists check the fit and cement it into place. While you are waiting for your new crown, we place a temporary crown over your tooth.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Crafted While You Wait

With a CEREC crown, your damaged tooth is fixed in just one visit to our office. You do not need to return for a second visit, nor do you have to wear a temporary crown while an outside dental lab makes your permanent crown. Our dentist is in control of the entire process from start to finish and fits you with an attractive, natural-looking, and long-lasting crown in just one day.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

Let us replace a single or several missing teeth with dental bridges. To secure the bridge, we place a crown on the tooth on either side of your missing tooth. Our dentists prepare the teeth on either side for crowns and make impressions to send to a lab, which makes the bridge and the false teeth. When the bridge is ready, we place the bridge and adjust it so the fit and bite are comfortable and then we cement it into place.

Contact us today for same-day dental crowns that require only one visit to our practice. We provide general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for patients from Allison Park, Hampton, Glenshaw, Gibsonia, and McCandless, Pennsylvania.

One Day CEREC Crowns

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