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Dental Fillings in Allison Park, PA

Protect your teeth and enhance your appearance with natural-looking dental fillings in Allison Park, PA. Turn to the dentist at Michael V. Jaconski DMD for tooth-colored fillings that strengthen your teeth and offer realistic appeal. In the interests of your good health, we provide our patients with mercury-free fillings. Come to our cosmetic dentist for the latest technology delivered by experienced dentists in a caring environment. Our dental practice has been operating for more than 25 years. Your well-being and convenience are our top priorities. We are open in the evening and on Saturday and answer the phone 24/7.

Mercury-Free Fillings for Your Good Health

In the past, many dentists used silver fillings for their patients' teeth. However, silver or amalgam fillings contain mercury, which could possibly be detrimental to your health and the environment. This is why we mostly use mercury-free fillings.

There are a number of other reasons why composite or tooth-colored fillings are preferred in dentistry. Silver does not look natural. More of your tooth structure must be removed when using a silver filling.

Plus, silver fillings are more prone to crack and fracture. All of these reasons are why our dentists are committed to using mercury-free fillings for all of our patients.

Dental Fillings Allison Park PA

Tooth-Colored Fillings with the Color & Texture of Your Natural Teeth

We recommend tooth-colored fillings for appearance and health. Composite fillings and ceramic fillings are made of materials that look like your natural teeth in texture and in color and do not contain mercury. Composite fillings are especially well-suited for your front teeth and those teeth that are visible when you smile.

The purpose of dental fillings is to fill the space that is left when we remove decayed matter from the inside of a tooth. Our dentists eliminate the decay and fill your teeth with composite materials, thus strengthening and preserving your natural teeth. Composites also bond to your teeth chemically, providing even more support for your damaged tooth. Another advantage of composite fillings is that our dentist has to remove less of your natural tooth than we would if we used metal fillings. This means we can preserve more of your real tooth, which is the preferred approach with any dental procedure.

Contact us today for dental fillings with the color and appearance of your natural teeth. We provide general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for patients from Allison Park, Hampton, Glenshaw, Gibsonia, and McCandless, Pennsylvania.

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