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Teeth Whitening in Allison Park, PA

Boost your confidence with teeth whitening in Allison Park, PA. With just one treatment from the cosmetic dentist at Michael V. Jaconski DMD, your teeth could be several shades whiter. You feel more attractive and others notice the dramatic difference in your smile. Request a free cosmetic consultation with one of our dentists.

Our reputable and well-established dental practice of more than 25 years uses the most recent advances in dentistry and the latest technology for professional teeth whitening and all of our other services. This is how we ensure you receive the best possible dental care from our team of professionals. Rest assured that we can help you achieve the smile you deserve.

Teeth Whitening Allison Park PA

Powerful Dental Teeth Whitening Process

For safety reasons and optimal results, we recommend that you receive dental teeth whitening. You can buy bleaching kits at the store, but these just do not whiten as well as dental-grade products. Plus, these kits can damage your teeth and gums. The whole point of whitening is to improve your smile, which over-the-counter products do only minimally.

Ask our dentist to tell you about our professional products and processes. We use a bleaching gel that is powerful enough to remove stains, yet is gentle to your teeth and gums. We fill a tray with this gel, place this on your teeth, and shine a special light to activate it. This is what gets those brilliant results. With just one visit, everyone notices how much whiter your smile is.

Before we start the process, our dentist checks your teeth and gums to make sure the bleach is safe and effective for you. Your teeth whitening takes place at our dental practice under the watchful eyes of our dentist.

Reverse Stains from Aging, Food, & Drink

You may notice that your smile has dimmed over the years. This is part of the natural aging process. Plus, teeth can get stained from medication, cigarettes, caffeinated beverages, and wine. Stains range in color from yellow to brown to gray and detract from the beauty of your smile. Make an appointment for professional teeth whitening and show off those pearly whites.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our dentist for teeth whitening. We provide general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for patients from Allison Park, Hampton, Glenshaw, Gibsonia, and McCandless, Pennsylvania.

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